15 Most Amazing & Fun Things To Do In Varkala


Faultless seashores, the town of pristine beauty and a perfect spot to chill out, Varkala is an astounding place, one can never resist. If you are planning a getaway to Kerala, backpacking, or either with your family or friends. You can have unlimited fun doing some stunning activities Varkala has to offer. I recently visiting Varkala for a short budget-friendly trip of 3 days.

sunset at Varkala beach
Sunset at Varkala beach

You can relax on the beaches, get around to explore historic forts and ancient buildings. Spend leisure time with delightful cuisine, trendy cafes, and enjoy a marvelous view of the Arabian sea from a picturesque lighthouse. Varkala has everything you want from a trip, no matter if it’s short or extended.

How to reach Varkala?

Varkala is well-connected through train, air, and roadways. Varkala beach is located in the distance of a 10-minute drive from the Sivagiri Railway Station. There are stations located in other parts of the town, with transport facilities.

Trivandrum international airport and Kochi are the nearest airports to Varkala. You can avail of a prepaid taxi from the airport to reach the town. There are regular buses from Trivandrum, Killam, and Alleppey on varied durations. You can rent cabs and autos to get around Varkala. There are a generous amount of restaurants, cafes, and resorts nearby from affordable budget to luxurious ones.

What is the best time to visit Varkala?

Varkala is a tropical place, where it’s usually hot and humid. Late October to February (Winter) – The climate is pleasant and the temperature ranges from 12°C to 31°C. It has a tropical climate, so winters and summers are the best times to visit Varkala because in the rainy season the place receives heavy rainfall. As Varkala receives rain from both southwest and northeast monsoons, you should consider the tide patterns. The beaches are immersed in the ocean during the monsoon season. It might be unlikely to access the beaches during monsoons.

Best things to do and places to visit in Varkala

Here are some top fun things you can do at Varkala, Kerala, to bring back heartfelt memories from this slice of the god’s own country.

1. Relax at Varkala’s Black beach

Varkala beach is one of the town’s famous attractions. A place to immerse yourself in the solitude amidst the calming waves and take a walk in the black sand. Varkala beach is otherwise known as Papanasam beach.

It has a unique backdrop against the sediment formed cliffs of Kerala. The road of the southern part of the beach leads to the Janardhana Swamy temple. Hindu’s claim that water of Varkala beach has therapeutic and healing properties.

Relax at Varkala’s Black beach
Relax at Varkala’s Black beach

On the northern part of the beach, you’ll find a cliff, where sunsets from the bottom are pure bliss. If you are a seafood lover, then Varkala is a paradise to enjoy some of the mouth-watering delicacies.

2. Join Yoga classes

If you’re looking for offbeat activities to do in Varkala, then you should try yoga! It is one of the popular activities where you can rejuvenate the mind and body. Some ashrams and studios let tourists attend yoga sessions.

Join Yoga classes Varkala
Join Yoga classes in Varkala

You can learn some of the basic asanas, even master them with the help of authentic gurus and practitioners. Experience the soul searching and mediation by the palm trees in an absolute pollution-free environment.

3. Indulge in an Ayurvedic Massage

Calm your senses with an ayurvedic massage. There are several spas’ and massage centers where you can get a medicated oil massage and other healing therapies that address your physical, spiritual, and mental state.

Indulge in an Ayurvedic Massage
Indulge in an Ayurvedic Massage in Varkala

If you’re planning for a romantic trip or occasional escape from the hectic schedule, pampering spa sessions would give some personal space. The lush ayurvedic gardens and the ethnic architecture is truly a feast for the eyes and will help you restore your inner peace.

4. Take a walk through Varkala Cliff

Varkala cliff is situated a few meters away from Varkala beach. It is a pleasant picnic spot where you can seek nature’s charm. The cliff is a geological monument with a captivating view of the beach. You can reach the beach by climbing down the cliff to dig your toes in the mineral-rich sand and quite waves.

Take a walk through Varkala Cliff
Take a walk through Varkala Cliff

You can grab some snacks from the local shops while taking a stroll up and get some souvenirs from the handicraft shops, lined by the winding stretches of the cliff.

5. Do some Shopping

Love shopping? Be ready to explore the twisting avenues of Varkala. The town is loaded with shops that sell everything, from clothing, handmade products, jewelry, incense sticks, Kerala-exclusive perfumes, soaps, oils and Tibetian musical bowls, flutes, and more.

Do some Shopping in Varkala-soundhealing
Shopping in Varkala

You can discover some of the rare to find and artistic items at bargain deals. The afternoon will the best time to start as tourists, and you can enjoy an ample amount of time shopping for cherishable products.

6. Take Surfing Lessons

Surfing is great to go activity for unlimited fun. You can get surfing lessons from professional trainers if you’re looking to engage in some exciting water activity. Gliding on the bold sea waves can give you the pumped up thrilling moments.

Take Surfing Lessons Varkala
Take Surfing Lessons in Varkala

Sea accompanying the cliffs is a mesmerizing view that attracts adventure seekers. Learning to surf is one of the most fun things to do in Varkala.

7. Try Reiki Healing

Reiki is a form of energy healing therapy from Japan. It claims to treat emotional states and many other conditions through transfer energy by laying on hands. Reiki means universal life force energy. The energy passes through all the chakras that result in a positive state of mind, eliminating the bad vibrations from the body. And also to regulate body function.

Try Reiki Healing Varkala
Try Reiki Healing in Varkala

Reiki sessions can last from 15 to 90 mins. There are multiple therapies you try to assist the body in its natural healing process and develop emotional well being. It is a spiritual experience in a peaceful setting for deep relaxation.

8. Paragliding & Water Sports Activity

While you’re out in those scenic beaches, enthralling watersports can turn your vacation fun-packed. Varkala has many beaches, and every one of them has fun watersports.

Paragliding & Water Sports Activity in Varkala
Paragliding & Water Sports Activity in Varkala

Experience an adrenaline rush and pumped up moments enjoying parasailing, banana boat rides, and jet skiing. These are some of the most exciting things to do in Varkala.

What Else to Do Nearby

9. Visit 2000-year-old Janardhanaswamy Temple

Janardhanaswamy temple is a peaceful place located in proximity to Varkala beach. You can reach the temple through a leisure trail through the beach.

Visit 2000-year-old Janardhanaswamy Temple
Visit 2000-year-old Janardhanaswamy Temple

It is an ancient temple dedicated to Lord Vishnu that dates back to 2000 years. Varkala has been a Hindu pilgrimage site since the twelfth century. Every year, the Arattu festival celebrated by thousands of devotees.

10. Ponnumthuruthu Island

Ponnumthuruthu is an uninhabited island of Kerala, otherwise called Golden island. It is located in 20km from Varkala and spread over 5 hectares. With its magnificent beauty, the island is attracting tourists, travelers, and wildlife photographers. It is popularly known for its 100-year-old Shiva Parvathi temple.

Ponnumthuruthu Island
Ponnumthuruthu Island

Ponnumthuruthu island is a perfect spot for bird watchers and wildlife lovers. It is one of the eye-pleasing sites to enjoy a day out of city life. The land welcomes exotic migratory birds, rare water birds, and other wildlife around the turquoise waters.

11. Visit Kappil Beach and Boating in Kappil Lake

Kappil beach and Kappil lake are some of the finest places where you can enjoy the spectacular breeze. The lake is surrounded by dense coconut trees creating an instant delight. You can witness a breathtaking view of the lake joining the Arabian sea.

Visit Kappil Beach and Boating in Kappil Lake
Visit Kappil Beach and Boating in Kappil Lake

You can rent boats to look around the water body, and also the peddling boat is quite popular at Kappil lake. You should walk the bridge built across the Kappil lake, to get an uninterrupted view of the Kappil beach and backwaters. Kappil beach and the lake is one of the top places you can visit for splendid views and memorable photographs.

12. Visit Anjengo Fort

Anjengo Fort is the national heritage monument located in 12 km far off from Varkala beach. Visiting the fort is one of the most interesting things to do in Varkala. It has a picturesque scenery filled history.

Visit Anjengo Fort
Visit Anjengo Fort

Anjengo fort was built in the 17 century by the East India Company. It features ancient structures and tombs of soldiers. The moment you enter the streets, European architecture takes you into the past. You can reach the fort by road, getting transportation facilities such as autos or cabs.

13. Varkala Lighthouse

Varkala Lighthouse
Varkala Lighthouse

Varkala Lighthouse is an ideal spot for beach lovers and photographers. The lighthouse was built by the British in 1684 to navigate their ships. It stands 130 feet tall with a marvelous bird eye view of the Arabian sea and the backwaters. It also serves as a popular picnic spot and eases your time in the serene shores of the nearby beaches.

14. Varkala Aquarium

The Aquarium at Varkala is a must-see place for marine lovers. It is located between two beaches, Odayam beach, and black beach. The Varkala aquarium displays a large variety of fishes and sea animals. The aquarium also has 3D theatre where you can get to know more information about species of fishes including Piranha, Eels, etc.

Varkala Aquarium
Varkala Aquarium

Another amazing feature about the aquarium is the walkway that spirals upwards, a stunning view of large sea living organisms. It is a perfect place to visit along with kids. You can spend a day-long picnic at the aquarium alongside exploring the Seaworld.

15. Jatayu Earth’s Center

Jatayu Earth’s center is a new tourist park featuring the world’s largest bird sculpture on the hilltop. Jatayu is a statue of women’s safety and honor. Jatayu rock hill has a mesmerizing view from 1000 feet, and there are cable car facilities to reach the top of the hill. You can visit an audio-visual museum inside the sculpture.

Jatayu Earth's Center
Jatayu Earth’s Center

At the Adventure rock hill, you can enjoy hour-long trekking through a private forest, and there are also other interesting activities.

Trying out some of the above-listed things to do in Varkala will make your Kerala trip memorable and all the more interesting. Varkala is a peaceful coastal city that blends nature and spirituality perfectly. So if you’re one of the peaceful kinds, we suggest you definitely visit this beach town of Kerala and soak in the tranquility here. We hope that our Varkala travel guide helps you plan the desired vacation to this serene destination.

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